Notice Board


Date: 16.01.2020

Dear Parents,

You are requested to clear the fees of 2019 (upto March) by the 20th of January. Those parents having dues, please follow the instructions given in the school diary (page no. 32, regarding school fee structure). The fees must be paid in installments with the fine. Then only the bill desk would operate. Try to use Net Banking, which is cheaper.

Thanking You,


Sr. Arpitha.

An Initiative by the NGO- "ASHA DEEP", run by Apostolic Carmel

Date: 14.1.2020.

Dear Parents,

Information and Support for the Burdwan Prisoners

There is a Fair (Mela) arranged by the prisoners of Burdwan on 25th and 26th January from 11a.m to 8p.m. You are cordially requested to visit the fair and help the prisoners by purchasing the items made by them. All the types of garments and food items are made and will be sold by the prisoners themselves. There will also be a cultural programme by the prisoners. These Burdwan prisoners are cared by Apostolic Carmel- the NGO, called Asha Deep, in which, you too have contributed during admission time. 

God bless you and your family for the generous support you will render to them to run their families.

Venue: Jail Khana More. (Near Big Bazar)

Date: 25th and 26th January.

Time: 11a.m to 8p.m.

Thanking you,


Sr. Arpitha.


Important Notice :

Parent-Teacher Meeting:

Date: 7.01.2020


Dear Parents, 

On 11th January (Saturday), we are having the Parent-Teacher Meeting from 8:15 am onwards for all the classes. You will come along with your child in uniform. Kindly follow the timing according to the child’s roll no. given below. On that day you will check the progress report, sign it and hand over to the class teacher. You will take the answer sheets along with you.

Timimg for the PTM:


8:15 a.m – 8:40 a.m-> Roll   1 - 5

8:45 a.m -9:15 a.m -> Roll   6-10

9:20 a.m - 10:05 a.m->Roll  11-15

10:10 a.m -10:40 a.m->Roll 16- 20

10:45a.m-11:15 a.m-> Roll   21-25

11:15 a.m-11:45 a.m-> Roll  26-30

11:50 a.m-12:00 a.m-> Roll 30-35



8:15 a.m – 9:00 a.m-> Roll 1 - 11

9:00 a.m -9:45 a.m -> Roll 12-22

9:45 a.m - 10:00 a.m -> Break

10:00 a.m -10:45a.m -> Roll 23- 33

10:45a.m-11:30-> Roll 34-44

11:30 a.m-12:00-> Roll  45-55



8:15 a.m - 8.45 a.m-> Roll    1 - 10

8:45 a.m -9:15 a.m-> Roll    11 -20

9:15 a.m - 9:45 a.m-> Roll    21 - 30

9:45 a.m -10:15 a.m-> Roll   31- 40

10:15a.m-10:30 a.m – Break

10:30a.m-11:00 a.m-> Roll   41-50

11:00 a.m-11:30 a.m ->Roll  51-60



8:15 a.m – 8:55 a.m-> Roll   1 - 5

8:55 a.m -9:15 a.m -> Roll    6-10

9:15 a.m – 9:35 a.m ->Roll   11-15

9:35 a.m -9:55 a.m -> Roll    16- 20

9:55a.m-10:15 a.m-> Roll      21-25

10:15 a.m-10:35 a.m-> Roll   26-30

10:35 a.m-10:55 a.m-> Roll   31-35

10:55 a.m-11:15 a.m->Roll    36-40

11:15a.m-11:35 a.m-> Roll     41-45


Thank You,


Sr. Arpitha.


Important Notice: Date: 6.01.2020

Dear Parents,

The school timings from tomorrow will be as follows-

8.00 am- Reaching the School. The school gates will be closed sharp at 8.00 am.

12.45 pm- Departure.

*We need time to get ready for the Parent's Day. 

With regards,


Sr. Arpitha.

Important Notice

Dear Parents                                       5th Jan. 2020

7.30. A.M. :               .Pick up point

8.1 5: A.M :               Assembly. 'followed by class.

1.10.  P.M. :                 School closeses.


Parents are requested to give your child  good, Healthy , clean and  home made tiffin .  Fast food are not allowed. Take  little  trouble  to prepare the food for  your child. Thanks

with love and regards,

Sr. Arpitha.

Important Notice

Dear Parents                                                                                                             Date :3rd Jan,2020                                                                                                                                                                                   .Since  it is  rainning school remain  closed. Reopen on Monday (6th Jan.2020).

with love and regards


Sr. Arpitha.


Dear Parents,

Greetings from Carmel. Thank you for the cooperation and support that you have rendered to our children to make the day a memorable, happy, joyful experience for all of us. Thank you for the trouble taken to prepare the children for the programme. They did enjoy their childhood which they miss nowadays because of being a single child. This is also a part of learning apart from the exams and scheduled curriculum.

We invite you dear parents on 25th December, Wednesday along with your child and the grand parents to visit the Crib in Carmel School. May the new born Child bless you and your family with love, joy and peace. This season of sharing and caring may bring you good health and happiness in every way. 

I also take this opportunity to wish you a happy and joy-filled Christmas and a grace-filled New Year.

The school will reopen on 3rd January 2020. Attendance is compulsory.

Thank you.


Sr. Arpitha.

Christmas Celebrations in the School

Date: 20.12.2019

Dear Parents,

We are having our Christmas Celebrations on 23rd December to make our children rejoice the Birth of Jesus as a Children's Festival. You are requested to follow the instruction of your child as they have been guided by their class teachers. They will dress as told and bring good tiffin, water bottles and the neck id cards. School timimgs will be as usual. All must carry the red Santa caps.

I take this opportunity to thank all our dear parents for their cooperation and support. Since we are entering into the Christmas season, I wish all of you a very happy, joy-filled Christmas and a grace-filled New Year. May God bless you. 

Thank you,


Sr. Arpitha.

Important Notice:

Date: 20.12.2019.


Dear Parents,

For the preventive medicine for cough, cold, fever and change of weather:

Kindly prepare this peventive home remedy medicine that will help you to keep your child and your family fit for the winter season.

Steps to make the home remedy medicine:

1. Take 4 pieces of tender guava leaves.

2. 10 pieces of tulsi leaves ( prefer red one).

3. A big slice of ginger.

4. 5 pieces of pepper.

5. One teaspoon of dhaniya seeds (not powder).

6. 3 pieces of garlic.

Now, smash all the above mentioned ingredients and add 3 glasses of water to it. Boil the mixture and make it one and a half glass. Add honey or gur and drink in the morning and evening after meal for three days. 

This medicine is, one of the best preventive medicine for all of you.

Thank you.


Sr. Arpitha.


Important Notice

Date: 19.12.2019

Dear Parents,

You are requested to pay the due fees (without delay) within 20th of December. You can pay the fees through Net Banking which is cheaper. Those who are having problem with the online payment, you can come to the school office between 9 am to 12 pm tomorrow or send the admission number with the details through your child.

Thanking you,


Sr. Arpitha.

IMPORTANT NOTICE                                    Date- 28.11.19


Dear Parents,

We welcome you to join our eco-friendly family to build the green zone in the school. If you are willing to join the family in beautifying the area, you can bring winter flower seedlings of any kind to plant in the school.

Date: 29th November – 3rd December.

Note- You can come along to plant the seedlings or send through your child.

Thank You,


Sr. Arpitha.


Information about New Admission Only (2020-21) Date-26.11.2019


SECOND & THIRD round (2nd& 3rd) SELECTED STUDENTS FOR nursery/lkg/ukg/i/ii SESSION 2020-21

  1. Students should come along with the parents to take the photo and the measurement of the uniform.
  2. 1(one) latest passport size photo of the child to bring along.
  3. The original birth certificate.
  4. Mentioned amount (₹13800/-).WE prefer cheque.
  5. Pen to fill the form.
  6. Counter part of the admission form.

 Admission date- 26-11-2019

Time- 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Without any prior information the admission is not done on 26th Nov the seat will be given to others.

  1. Once admission done it will not be refunded.
  2. Books, uniform and the transport are NOT included in the above amount. Uniform and books cost around ₹5000/.
  3. Uniform amount is Rs.2000/ (3 sets+winter). You can carry the amount on the admission day.
  4. School reopens for the session 2020-21 on 4th of April 2020.
  5. Dates for Books & Uniform issue will be noted in the website (in the month of March) .
  6. Kindly contact the concerned transport (bus/pull car) according to your convenience.
  7. The phone numbers are on the school notice board.


N.B.: Kindly teach your child to write in cursive letters and prepare them for the class as they are weak in writing specially LKG onwards before the school reopens.


With Love and Regards,


Sr. Arpitha.


Important Notice ( 21.11.2019)

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow (22nd November) is  a holiday for children since we are having an Orientation programme for the Teachers.


Sr. Arpitha

NOTICE 16.11.2019


Dear Parents,

19th November is our Foundation Day in India. It is a working day. A Drawing Competition will be held class wise. Paper will be given from school. Colours and other necessary items needed must be sent from home.

Dress Code:-

GIRLS- Dress up as flowers (ex- Sunflower, Rose, Lily, Lotus, etc.)

BOYS- Dress up as birds or animals (ex- Peacock, Parrot, Dove, Lion, etc.)

  • Prizes to the Top 3 will be awarded class wise.

  • Children will go home as usual.

  • No studies on that day.



The Olympiad Exam (CLASS I) will be held on –

6th December 2019 – English.

13th December 2019 - Maths.

The Exams will be held in the school during class hours.

Notice 13.11.2019
  • 14th Nov’19 Children’s Day celebration in the School.


  • Children will come to School in decent colourful dress. (Sleeveless, short pants & skirts are not allowed)  


  • Send along with them good tiffin, water bottle & School ID cards.


  • Children will go home as usual.






Parents are requested to follow the dress code while you send your child to the School. Beside proper uniform the winter dress for Nursery to UKG- Red sweater/ Red cap/ for girls- Pink leggings. Which is given from the School only.

Class I- Kindly buy from Ganvesha the winter dress. Girls- white leggings. Blue Caps for all if needed.

I have noticed that some of the children are coming to School without proper clean uniform. Kindly do the needful, otherwise fine will be followed.



Thanking you


Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 07.11.2019


19th November 2019 is the Foundation Day of the Apostolic Carmel. So, we request all the parents to send a new set of dresses for the poor to make the day a memorable one.  Old dresses will NOT be accepted because we need to respect the poor. We have many poor children and families around our School, so let us extend a helping hand to make them happy. May God bless each one of you, for the act of service to the poor.


For example: - Cloth pieces for salwar, kurta, shirts, trousers; Saris, frocks, shawl or blankets etc.

Date: From 8th November to 12th November 2019 (To be submitted by the students to the class teachers)


Thanking you


Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.



  • Office will remain closed for Puja Holidays from 2nd October to 8th October.


  • Office will remain open from 9th Oct to 11th Oct from 8.30 am to 11.00 am for any official work. Forms will be issued for Nursery and LKG.


  • School reopens from 14th October. Office timing will be 8.30 am to 1.00 pm.


  • School timing from 14th October: 8 am to 12.30 pm.

 All the students must reach the school by 8 a.m.


Thanks & regards


Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,

Our School is affiliated to ICSE Board. Since we are at our primary level, we cannot apply for it. We shall get the affiliation when it is needed.


Thanks & regards


Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 23.09.2019

                                      TWIN CELEBRATIONS OF DURGA PUJA & GANDHI JAYANTI

Dear Parents,

I extend, on behalf of the management, my whole hearted thanks for greeting us on Teacher’s Day and for the Prayerful wishes. Thank you for your co-operation and support for the green day “Go Green”. I am grateful to God and you for being one with us in our endeavours. Some parents still need to get up and make our children’s future bright and happier.

Now you are preparing for the Durga Puja festival and I appreciate the real meaning of the Puja - “Triumph over evil” and welcoming the “Goodness of God” with renewed mind and heart. It is the time to introspect our own life and situations and to destroy the evils within. Let us promise to live a better and peaceful life with all.

“Life is good; make it beautiful”

The less you respond to negative people the more peaceful your life becomes.

“Save only those memories which give you TWINKLE in your eyes not WRINKLES on your face.”   -Pope Francis.

I wish you all in advance, prosperous, happy and joyful days ahead. Pray for us too. We need your prayer and support at all times.

In view of Puja celebration in our school, 1st October we will have:  “Cooking without fire.” The food will be prepared by the children class wise.  The class teachers will direct the children according to their dishes. Let them learn to be little chef. They can dress up like a chef. On that day children will wear colourful dresses (ID cards and water bottles are compulsory) to mark the twin festival of “Durga Puja” & “Gandhi Jayanti” in order to inculcate the values in our children.










Thanks & regards

Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 09.09.2019



Like drops of water make an Ocean;

A small step today can make a better tomorrow.


Dear Parents,

You are aware of the climate change in our Country and we are blaming each other for the extreme weather conditions. Let us come together and join hands to   make Carmel School a Green Zone. Let our students get favourable climate and plenty of pure oxygen to breathe in as long as they are with us. Hoping you will agree and cooperate with us in building this atmosphere in the School.

  • Children will observe the Green Day in our School on: 13th Sept’19 Friday.


  • Children must bring green leafy plants of any kind. E.g.: Hibiscus, Money Plants, Chinese evergreens, Snake plants. Areca Palm etc.  


  • The plants must be planted in medium sized mud pots and labelled with the child’s name.  No plastic pots are allowed. This project carries marks for the EVS exam.

  • On that day the children will come to school in uniform and wear green caps, garlands made out of leaves, ribbons or any other creative way to dress up to denote the day.


NOTE: In case the children find it difficult to carry the pots, parents can leave it near the gate or hand it over to the aunties.


Thanks & Regards


Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 04.09.2019

Dear Parents,

  • Tomorrow Teacher’s Day celebration in the School. Students are requested to dress according to the instruction of the teachers. Must wear the ID card.


  • Bring along with you water bottle & Tiffin box.



  • They go home as usual.



Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.

Notice: Parent- Teacher Meeting Date: - 26.08.2018

Dear Parents, 

On 31st August (Saturday), we are having the Parent-Teacher Meeting from 8:00am onwards for all the classes. You will come along with your child in uniform. Kindly follow the timing according to the child’s roll no. given below. On that day you will check the progress report, sign it and hand over to the class teacher. You will take the answer sheets along with you.

Thank You


Nursery A & B

                       Roll No. 1--5:-- 8:00 am to 8:30 am

                       Roll No. 6--10:-- 8:30 am to 9.00 am

                       Roll No. 11--15:--9.00 am to 9.30 am

                             BREAK 9.30 am to 9.45 am

                        Roll No. 16--20:-- 9.45 am to 10.15 am

                        Roll No. 21--25:-- 10.15 am to 10.45 am

                        Roll No. 26--34:-- 10.45 am to 11.30 am


LKG A, B & C 

                        Roll No. 1--7:-- 8:00am to 8:30am

                        Roll No. 8--14:-- 8:30am to 9.00am

                        Roll No. 15 --21:-- 9.00am to 9.30am

                                 BREAK 9:30am to 10:00am

                        Roll No. 22--28:-- 10.00am to 10.30am

                        Roll No. 29 --35:-- 10.30am to 11.00 am

                         Roll No. 36 --44:-- 11.00 am to 11.30 am

                         Roll No. 45--53:-- 11.30 am to 12.00 noon

UKG A, B & C 

                       Roll No. 1--10:-- 8:00am to 8:30am

                        Roll No. 11--20:-- 8.30am to 9.00am

                               BREAK 9.00am  to 9.20am

                        Roll No. 21--30:-- 9.20am  to 9.50am

                        Roll No. 31 --40:-- 9.50am to 10.20am

                        Roll No.- 41 --50:-- 10.20 am to 10.50am

                        Roll No.- 51 –60 :-- 10.50am to 11.20 am



CLASS I  A, B & C 

                       Roll No. 1—9 :-- 8:00am to 8:45am

                        Roll No. 10--19:-- 8.45am to 9.30am

                               BREAK 9.30am  to 10.00 am

                        Roll No. 20--29:-- 10.00am  to 10.45am

                        Roll No. 30 --39:-- 10.45am  to 11.30am

                        Roll No.- 40 --45:-- 11.30am to 12.15 pm

                        Roll No.- 51 –60 :-- 10.50am to 11.20 am

NOTICE 22.08.2019

Dear Parents,


Tomorrow (23.08.2019) is a holiday for Janmastami.



Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,


  • The children those who are participating in the Olympiad Examinations (English & Maths), please send ₹ 300/- for registration fee within Monday (26.08.2019)


  • The fee will be collected by the class teachers through the students.



  • You can check the syllabus for the Olympiad on their website – “Silver Zone Foundation Olympiad”.


  • The Olympiad Examinations will be on the 1st week of November. Date will be notified later.



Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that the blazer for winter has been designed. So you can give the measurement to GANVESHA and get it ready for the winter season.



Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,

On 15th August 2019 Class I will come to school for the Independence Day programme. Attendance is Compulsory for Class I. Kindly follow the school diary and the instructions given by the teachers.

Timing: 8.00 am to 11.00 am


Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 13.08.2019

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow all the students will come to the school wearing the colourful dresses with the symbol of Independence Day (Ex. Dressing as freedom fighters, flag, cap, sash: as you like to dress your child. There is no compulsion)

On 15th August 2019 Class I will come to school by 8.00 am for the Independence Day programme. Attendance Compulsory for Class I.

Parents (especially of class I) are cordially invited to join us in the celebration.


Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,

On Saturday, 10th August 2019, all the Class I students have to come to school (ATTENDANCE COMPULSORY) for the Independence Day practice. It is a working day for class I only.

Timing: - 8.00 am to 11.30 am.

Note:  Bring Tiffin box, water bottle and school diary only.



Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,

  • Please send the pen drive before 8th August 2019 with the particular song the child is performing. Kindly check the pen drive before sending through the child. Those who have already submitted please ignore.


  • On 14th August 2019 the participants should wear dance dress and come. Keep the school uniform inside the bag.  (ONLY FOR NURSERY STUDENTS)


  • Dress and makeup should be done from home. Guide the child to take care of their accessories in order to avoid the problems in the future.


  • There will be full class.



Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,

Greeting form Carmel School!

I write a few guidelines to help one another to frame our students into good human beings and for their bright future.

Firstly, there are Whatsapp groups which circulate wrong information and disturb others mind. Before you send the Whatsapp find out the truth. Sometimes I think they have no other work to do, so the Whatsapp become the alternative to pass their time. Let us be positive and vibrant people and send encouraging messages to others, this is the way to build the world to bring peace & harmony. We are here only for a short while in this world. We have to leave everything and go to God. Let us carry the blessings and good works for God and that what is accepted in eternal life. No money no prestige have any place in the God’s abode.

Secondly, I can see unhealthy competitive spirit is developed in our students by parents. My earnest request to all the parents let us create a team spirit and healthy competitive spirit in our students. Let all do their best and grow into good citizens and serviceable people.

Thirdly, I observe when the unit test is announced, parents get up and make the children tensed. Why? Do you daily sit with the child and practice whatever has been taught in the class? Often I hear where is the home work? Whatever is done daily in the school, make it thorough with the child. Sit with your child daily at least for 1 hour. You see the miracle working in them. They need you now. This is the time you need to be with them, so parents try your level best to accompany them in their journey of childhood. This childhood is never going to come back again.

Fourthly, never criticize the teacher in front of the students. Whatever it may be, let them respect the authority. If there is any problem, come and discuss in the school. When your child is in the school you are also a part of the school. Problems will be there and there is no problem which cannot be solved. Very clearly the nature teaches us,”Good tree bears good fruits and bad tree bears bad fruits.” With the fruits we recognise the tree. Same in the case with us too.

Children are good, we are the ones who spoil their mind. Let us together join hands with each other and build the school for the betterment of our children. May they enjoy their childhood. We cannot work according to the will of outsiders. School has got its own rules and regulations to abide by and to be abided by.

Fifthly, in the school diary, dates and times are mentioned to meet the class teacher time to time and find out the progress of your child. Don’t wait for the Parent-Teacher meeting only.


Thanks and regards

Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.



Dear Parents,

         This is to inform you that we are organizing Olympiad Examination for the students of Class I. Those who want their children to participate, kindly send a letter to the class teachers through the students. Last date of submitting letters is 31st July 2019 (Wednesday)



Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 24.07.2019

Dear Parents,

       Kindly send two passport size photos of your child with uniform through your child and write the name and the class at the back of the photos.


Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.


Dear Parents,

15th July (Monday) is the celebration of CARMEL FEAST in the school.

 Timing as usual. (7.30 am to 12.15 pm.)

All the students will come to school dressed according to the instructions given by the teachers. They should carry water bottles & Tiffin and flowers.

ID card is compulsory.

NOTE:  16th July is a holiday for the students in honour of Mount Carmel.

We wish everyone HAPPY FEAST and pray, May the Mother of Carmel shower her blessings upon you and keep you in her loving care.

Thank you.

NOTICE 10.07.2019

Dear Parents,

The Parent’s Day of 2018 was extremely good. But I am disappointed with the photos and videos. Somehow we managed to get some photos and the video which are available now. Those who wish to buy the photos and the video, kindly check the numbered photos near the main gate. Place the order with the name of the students, class & section along with the numbers of the photos that you want in the office from tomorrow.

Order will be taken during the office time. From 8.00 am to 12.30 pm.

Cost of the photo Rs. 15/- each.

Cost of the video Rs. 80/-


Thanking You


Sr. Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 29.06.2019

From 1st July till further notice the school timing for the children as follows:


6.30 a.m. Pick up points.

7.30 a.m. Reporting of the students to the school without fail.

7.40 a.m. Assembly starts.

12.15 p.m. Departure.

Parents are requested to follow the timing strictly to help us to help your child.

At 7.30 a.m. the school gates will be closed.


Thanking You

Sister. Maria Arpitha.A.C.



Dear Parents,

 How to pay the fees step by step.

1) Go to our website  and click on ONLINE FEE

2)  www.payments.billdesk. com will come and put AD.NUMB and SUBMIT

3) You will find “FEES” Option where May 2019 and June 2019 is written. Beside it, there is a small triangle (Ñ) which is a drop-down. In that drop-down you can select the months you want to pay.

4) Another option “FEE” is there just below that, strike off that tick mark on it if you do not want to pay the fees of January, February & March 2020 fees.

  5) Appear online payment section Select Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking option

6) We suggest you to go for Debit Card or Credit Card option, because, for net banking, you should pay Rs.25 extra for their Banking Charges.


For any query feel free to call at 9064530020.


Office will be closed from 17th May to 31st May 2019. No phone calls and transactions will be attended.



Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.



Dear Parents,

The name of the students and the admission numbers are already updated in the “Billdesk”. Kindly pay the fees. Those who want to pay for the whole year you may do so.



Kindly add before the admission number   CHS.    For example CHS12.


How to Pay Online Fees? Step by Step

1) Go to our website and click on ONLINE FEE

2) will come and put AD.NUMB and SUBMIT

3)  Appear online payment section Select Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking option

4) We suggest to go for Debit Card or Credit Card option, because, for net banking, you should pay Rs.25 extra for their Banking Charges.

Thanking you

Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 15.05.2019

Dear Parents,

Please send the books and note books (copies) according to the Time Table (Routine) day wise given by the class teachers. Don’t send all of them together. Kindly check daily.

Thanking you

Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.

NOTICE 13.05.2019

Dear Parents,

“THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU” for the co-operation to celebrate the Worker’s Day. They are extremely happy and please do accept their thanks too.

All the workers in the school as well as bus, pool car, aunties and drivers are given the share which you have sent to the school for the workers. The school too have contributed its share to make the day a memorable one.

We have also sent some edible things to HIV positive students in”Chetna Centre” in Burdwan.


Thanking you

Sister Maria Arpitha A.C.


Notice. 6th May 2019

Dear    Parents,

School fee  will be paid on - online ( Bill Desk). . Please give us some time  to upload the names and admission numbers. I shall send the notice when it is ready to start .

Thanking you

Sr. maria Arpitha. 

NOTICE . 12.04 2019

Dear Parents, 

15th April Monday is a holiday because of Bengali New year. Wish all the Carmelite (  Grand Parents, Parents, Students , Teachers and all conducted with Carmel ) " SUBHA NABA BARSHA". and GOOD LUCK. May GOD Bless you and showers GOd's blessings  upon each one of you . This is our prayer for you. Have Good Day.

* 16 th and 17 th April   are working days. Attendence is compulsery.

* 18th April to  22nd  April also Holidays because of Holy week for us. and  Days of prayer.. Happy Easter and New life.

23 rd  April reqular classes. . 27th saturday is working Day.


*During summer when the children coming to school you may use cap.( only for coming and going) (. Nursery, LKG and UKG) red colour only. Class one ( Cl : I Blue colour)..

Thanking you

Sr. Arpitha. A.C.  

Important Notice


Dear parents,

The parents day was turned to be so great and beautiful because of your presence, co- operation, timely help and words of encouragement. I am grateful to you. Let us continue to be the same so that our children will bloom and become a source of joy to everyone in their lives.

I am extremely admired our children and their outstanding performance. I congratulate them. Well done.

In honour of their great performance tomorrow is a holiday.  Please appreciate them in your own way.

 Thanking you

Yours sincerffly



Sr. Arpitha A.C. 







Dear Parents,

Thank you for your contribution towards Kerala Flood Relief Fund. We received Rs. 38,701/- (Thirty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and One rupee) from school donation box. The total amount sent to Kerala is Rs. 60,000/-. The remaining amount is taken from the school. 

God Bless each one of you for your sharing and caring attitudes towards the needy.




Dear Parents,

Kindly, not to use school LOGO and school BUILDING PHOTOS and anything connected with the school in the whats app groups. If it continues we need to take further action. Please, my earnest request to all the whats app groups to stop unnecessary discussions, photos, videos and messages parting to your friends and spoiling the atmosphere of peace and harmony among parents. When your child is in the school you are part of the school and your duty and resposibility to uphold the school name and fame. If not, you are failing and counteracting which will harm your child's progress. So please stop anything that is connected with the school not to message to others. Have you read the school diary? In the diary it is given your resposibility to uphold the school. You said YES.

I have already send a notice regarding above information on 25June, 2018. It shows that you are not interested to follow the direction of the school. So what value your child will learn? It pain me to hear still some of the parents are using whats app and spoiling the peaceful situation in the school and outside.

Thanking You,

Yours faithfully


Sr. Arpitha


DATE:- 20.08.2018

Dear Parents,

An appeal to donate money for the havoc caused by rain in the state of Kerala

You are aware of the situation in Kerala and the sad plight of the people due to the havoc caused by the rain and floods. Several people have lost their lives and many have been rendered homeless as their homes are submerged under water and their belongings destroyed. Thousands of families have been displaced and taking shelter in Relief Camps and many individuals and families are still missing. At this time of crisis our generous contribution and sacrifice solicited to reach out in compassion and love to those who have lost their homes, belongings, livestock and field produce. Lets us join hands Dear Parents and friends to bring God’s love and care to our suffering brothers and sisters in Kerala. Your generous and loving contribution will be surely remembered by God and may God reward you with greater love, peace and harmony in your homes and in your work place.

Please also ask your friends to do the same. Kindly give me cheque in the name of CARMEL SCHOOL (PRE PRIMARY) by Thursday. Those who cannot issue cheques cash is also acceptable.

  • From tomorrow a box will be left near the gate to drop your cheque and cash.
  • The total amount will be send to Kerala in the name of Carmel School, Burdwan and you will get the information in the website.


Thanking you in anticipation and your generous co-operation I remain greatful.




Sr. Arpitha

Dear Parents,

Greetings From Carmel

Thankyou for your co-operation and support in moulding our children ,we request you  have patience with the children and with the managment .We cant work miracle  . It is a slow process and I am very sure they will improve in long run. 

Fees for the month of May , June , July are unable to collect since the online process still not ready. So I have  printed the fees book and on 18th each child will recive the fee book . Kindly pay the fees of 3 months i.e Rs 4500 and those who wish to pay for the whole year may do so.

The fee will be collected in the school by the bank on 20th june (wednesday ) from 9:00 a.m to 12:30 . Kindly fill the fee book and sign all the three copies ( Parents copy , school copy and bank copy ).


Our road from by-pass to Carmel School is getting ready. Thanks to all those who helped me in this process. Now I request the parents to come forward to plant trees for both side of the road to mark the forest day which falls on july 10th 2018. Let us join hands with one another to save our world for our children for the better future " where there is a will there is a way "or " little drops of water make the ocean .I welcome parents as a group to organise and we the managment are ready to co-operate with you.

Thank you, and God bless you

15th june 2018