Admission Details


  • When filling the form of application for admission the guardians are requested to enter all particulars with the greatest possible accuracy.
  • Candidates for admission to all classes must pass an Entrance .Examination. The Entrance fee is rupees 200/-
  • For fresh admission a birth certificate from the hospital or maternity home should accompany the application.
  • No change in the name, date of birth is permitted later.


  • Before withdrawing a student from the school a calendar month's notice in writing is to be given and an advance of a month's fee to be paid.
  • No leaving certificate is issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full.
  • A fee of Rs. 100/- should be paid for the T.C.

Courses of Studies and Co-curricular Activities

  • The medium of instruction is English, with Hindi/Bengali as Second language.
  • Physical exercise, games sports and social activities are part of the general education given to the Children.
  • Home work includes the revision of all that has been taught in class each day, whether this has been set to be studied or not. Hence the same amount of time should be given to study each evening whether written home work is set or not.
  • Children should not be forced to study for longer periods. Tuition is absolutely FORBIDDEN without prior discussion with the Principal and her consent; as except in prolonged illness, it is injurious to genuine progress and a genuine waste of money.