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The ardent desire to be one with the creator, urged Mother Veronica to serve humanity with generosity, courage and determination which gave birth to the Apostlic Carmel in 1868. Mother Veronica, nee Sophie Leeves was born in 1823 in a pious culture to English Anglican Parents in Constantinople. She was gifted with the singular gifts of mind and heart which were nurtured by sound education and wide experience. Though the daughter of a Protestant Pastor. She embraced the Catholic faith in 1850, amidst bitter opposition from the family. God took possession of her heart so powerfully that she courageously and generously responded to the call to religious life. She entered the congregation of the sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition in 1851, taking the name Sister Veronica of the Passion.

She came to India 1862 and worked in Calicut. When in Prayer, she experienced a divine call to enter Carmel. She made the difficult choice of leaving her congregation of St. Joseph's to join Carmel, a Congregation of cloistered sisters at Pau in France.

Again it was terribly difficult for her to leave the peace and happiness of the cloister to set about the task of founding a new Carmelite order for India to serve the need of faith formation through education of young girls of the West Coast of India. The need for a third order was very urgent because in those days Education in India was meant only for boys which brought great dissatisfaction to the Indian women, who cried out for knowledge and the light of education. So God in His infinite wisdom chose Mother Veronica to realize this objective together with Father Marie Ephrem, a Carmelite, who had come as a missionary to serve the Indians. She founded the Congregation of the Apostolic Carmel at Bayonne in France in the year 1868 and established it in Mangalore, India in 1870.

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Relevant for a person to be successful. Education empowers a person to become a leader.

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Sharpens student attentiveness
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Environmental education can help children perform better in social studies, science, language arts...

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In Carmel School, Transpot will be available by private transport.

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Education is a fundamental requirement to empower people across the globe. It enables students to acquire skills that help them prepare for the future. Carmel High School, Burdwan is deemed to be one of the best schools that has been serving the cause of education and developing true human beings. The Mission statement of the school is to educate children and enhance their undying faith in God. It is our aim to build character so that they contribute to the making of a more equitable and progressive society.

Our focus is on a holistic and pragmatic approach to learning with hands-on experience in every sphere of school life. The school believes in raising identities of substance who are ready to give back to society in a positive and remarkable way.

The school is committed to the growth of individuals, without differentiation, keeping God as the sole Master and the Lady of Mount Carmel as the ultimate guiding light.

Carmel High school not only stands for imparting academic excellence but also ensuring the overall development of each child, with special attention to discipline. It ensures students to grab opportunities for empowerment and personality development. We strive to train the young minds to be creative, versatile, thoughtful, generous, kind and prepared for any situation that life brings. It concentrates on learning skills that will enable students to relate to real life so that they face the world with integrity and sound character.

Let sky be the limit for each child, without forgetting the stepping stones that will keep them humble and down to earth. With the grace of God, let the lamp of knowledge remain burning.

- Sr.Maria Janet A.C -

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